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CCR at CQPhysio Spring Classic 2013

Posted by on 10/10/13 in Featured, News & Events |

The Cap Coast Runners showed up in force for the first CQ Physio Classic held in Yeppoon. Runners chose from  5km, 10km, 21.1km and Bolt events with  all our members doing CCR proud!

Special mention must go to our wonderful volunteer members for giving up their time to assist on water stations, cheering, setup and clean up and taking new club registrations.

It was a very positive day for the running community in Yeppoon! We are looking forward to next year!

Results can be found here –




The importance of warm ups and cool downs when running – do you?

Posted by on 06/08/13 in Featured, Running Tips |

Before you set off on your next run ask yourself  – Are my muscles ready for this?

Well as a PT I am constantly encouraging (firmly enforcing!)  my clients to warm up and cool down. But, I still see loads of our local runners jump out of their cars at the beachfront and immediately trot of down the road at a blistering pace! OUCH! So, here are a few general tips on warm ups and cool downs.

An adequate warm up and cool down will prepare your body for exercise and reduce the chance of injury and muscle soreness.

Warm up movements may include walking, high knees, butt kicks, skipping and dynamic stretching. Movements to elevate the heart rate and increase blood flow to the muscles. This should be performed for 7-10 minutes.

A cool down should consist of movements which help to lower the heart rate and relax the muscles. This may include slow jogging, walking and relaxing stretches focusing on but not limited to the primary muscles used. Also for approximately 7-10 minutes.

I can not stress enough the importance of adding the warm up and cool down into your training sessions. Running is something we can do for life, as long as we take care of our bodies in the process!

Until next time – HAPPY RUNNING!


Hayley Ohl

Personal Trainer – JumpStart Outdoor Training

Weekend Warrior who loves to run!



Gold Coast Marathon 2013

Posted by on 06/08/13 in Featured, News & Events |

The 2013 Gold Coast Marathon was a great success for the CCR Club! For many of our members it was their first attempt at the 10k, 21.1k or 42.2km events and the results were outstanding!!!

Congratulations to our Bev Laundry for winning line honours in a blistering time in the 10km age group event ! Bev is a much loved member of CCR and has much running experience and advice to share. You are a champion Bev!

Our admired coach and mentor Paul (Tex) Tucker pushed himself beyond amazing to be the 20th male overall across the finish line in the 21.1km event! Top 20! An amazing performance!

We look forward to seeing all the CCR members at the 2014 GC Marathon – GO CCR!!!!!Winner 10km Bev Laundry (right) with supporters Alice and Melissa

Winner 10km Bev Laundry (right) with supporters Alice and Melissa
Paul Tucker 20th overall in the 21.1km

Paul Tucker 20th overall in the 21.1km

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